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Welcome To Fly Fishing
Fly fishing is a sport rich in excitement, challenge, and tradition. Throughout generations of enthusiasts, the sport has maintained its integrity and attraction. New technologies have introduced lighter, more flexible fly rods and stronger line, but the true spirit of fly fishing remains unchanged.

It takes years of practice, perseverance and a willingness to learn from other anglers to become a true fly fishing expert — this is part of the sport's appeal.

In this section, we will introduce you to the basics of fly fishing including tackle assembly, commonly used knots, and casting techniques. Remember to always dress appropriately for the weather and the terrain. Your clothes are important for function and for protection from the sun, and from miscast flies. Keep safety in mind each time you pack for a fishing trip.

The Ethics of Angling
In fly fishing, as with any outdoor activity, it is important to respect the environment. Leave the area as you found it, so that the next angler can enjoy it as much as you do. Obey the rules and regulations set by the Fish and Game Commission of your state. These rules are in place for reasons of conservation and fairness. Fly fishing by the rules will enhance your enjoyment of the sport in the long run.

Finally, respect your fellow anglers. For a long cast, you need a great deal of open space in front of and behind you. Here's a common rule of thumb: If you can see another angler, you're too close. Of course, this standard is sometimes not an option. Try to put at least 50 feet between yourself and others anglers.

Assembling Your Tackle

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